Do It Yourself Electronics

Fm Radio Transmitter

This radio transmitter is characterized by high sensitivity and ease of construction. This is an enhanced version of the transmitter, which is also one of my first electronics projects. Improvement

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Hiraga 30W A class Amplifier

This is one of the most popular A class amplifiers.  I used the original board layout shown in the magazine article (as well as the original driver transistors. However, due to

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Aleph 3 30W A class Amplifier

This is another very popular build form mr. Nelsson Pass . It is a 30W A class power amplifier. All output transistors need a huge heatsink and after build it

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Hiraga “Le Monstre” 8W A class Amplifier D.I.Y.

 This is the schematic of the very popular small A class amplifier Jean Hiraga 8W. The original Hiraga Amp transistor are replaced with 2SC1845+2SA992 and on output MJL21194G+MJL21193G which is the

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